Statistics is the universal language. 

If you have a fear of math and stats, but you know it is important for your work and you need to know for your job promotion, then listen on to learn five statistic commonly used in public health and healthcare. At the end of this episode, you have a better of the why statisitc is important and you’ll be able to read statistics with confidence.

Dr. Hersch Knapp, a researcher who has created and oversees the Nurse Research Fellowship and Mentorship Programs, guiding nurses in deriving and implementing applied health science research, computing statistical results, and publishing and presenting their findings.  His clinical specialty is emergency and trauma psychology in medical / surgical, ICU, CCU, Oncology, ER, and code blue team.  He’s participated in a variety of research domains including improving HIV diagnostic testing, telehealth, remote learning, and general health care.  He regularly teaches research methodology and statistics courses at universities including UCLA, Cal State Los Angeles, Cal State San Bernardino, and USC.  He’s published multiple scientific papers as well as textbooks on effective clinical communication and statistics.

Connect with Dr. Hersch Knapp at Linkedin. 

To learn more about public health, connect with Dr. Kee Chan at

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