Do you have family and friends aboard who are facing uncertainty during the coronavirus pandemic? 

Sara Principi, PhD, a postdoctoral researcher who will share how her family and friends are coping with the situation in Italy and we can learn from them. Sara is from Italy and graduated in Biomedical Engineering in 2011 and then moved to Spain for her PhD in Medical Technologies. She is currently at a postdoctoral researcher at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where she does computational modeling of CT scan clinical scenarios. Sara will share her story of her family’s situation in Italy and what we can learn from their situation since the whole world is watching Italy as preview of what may happen in the US, if we do not flatten curve with strict public health measure.  Learning from each other will help us face our concerns collectively, and thus, embrace living and thriving through this ‘new normal’ together.

Connect with Sara Principi, PhD on Linkedin.  

To learn more about public health, connect with me at

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