You will learn why walking outside at the park, playing outside in green space with your children and just being outside for ten minutes and taking that nice deep breath of fresh air can help you live longer, protect your eyesight from blindness, and boost your immune responses.  Dr. Stacy Beller Stryer will show us why doctors need to start prescribing park as medicine to address many of our health issues and to improve our overall well-being.

Dr. Stacy Bella Stryer who is a board certified pediatrician in Maryland.  Through her career, she has served as a physician and health promotion and disease prevention coordinator within the Indian Health Service, also as a clinical pediatrician, and a pediatric subject expert for an online health website called Revolution Health.  Currently, Dr. Stryer is a medical officer within the federal government and a medical consultant with, where she educates providers, schools and park agencies on the benefits of nature and park prescriptions;

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