Get Ready for Public Health Genetics Week May 26-29, 2020! 

In this episode, Dr. Mat Edick will share how he pivoted his career as a scientist into the public health arena. He will tell us more about the Public Health Genetics Week which the last week of May 26-29, 2020. What purpose of the public health week? What is public health genetics services? 

Be sure to check out all the fun activities and free educational material on how public health genetics can help you be a better advocate for your own health during Public Health Genetics Week.

Dr. Mat Edick is the Director of Center for Strategic Health Partnership at the Michigan Public health institute in Michigan. He engages patients, families and clinicians, researchers, payers and other stakeholders to develop and implement innovative projects that increase access to health care and improve health outcomes.  He holds a PhD in Pharmacogenoics from the University of Tennessee, in Memphis, Tennessee and a BS in Biology and minor in Chemistry from state University of NY College at Brockport, NY. 

Public Health Genetics Week May 26-29, 2020

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