When was the last time you visit your Human Resources (HR) Department beside the hiring process? There are many ways to optimize your professional development to improve your productivity at work by optimizing the application of your benefits at your HR department. In this episode, Manny Lara, a HR Specialist, will demystify the HR benefits and how you can take advantage of your benefits to do your best work in public health.   Manny Lara is a senior Human Resources professional, spending (15) years in healthcare for major health systems such as Mayo Clinic, Ascension Health and Advocate Aurora Health.  He’s worked across many of the HR function and closely with senior leaders in ensuring best people strategies for attracting, engaging and developing talent.  Manny’s also very involved with the local community, serving on a number of non-profit boards that include Arts@Large, Renaissance Theaterworks and Grand Avenue Club. He’s recently been involved with local startup company that promote and sponsor diversity hiring, staffing and community health and wellness.  He’s originally from Chicago but attended Marquette University for Undergrad and Graduate programs and now calls Milwaukee home.

Connect with Manny Lara on LinkedIn. 

This is the “What is Public Health Podcast” with your host Dr. Kee Chan. Public Health is the invisible force that keeps you healthy everyday, and I bet you didn’t even know it. This podcast is your source of the latest trend in public health, is a place to refresh your skill set and get quick tips on professional development so you can do your best work in serving the public. Discover the many, different, and exciting careers in public health. Connect with stories from people impacted by public health.  To learn more about public health, connect with me at http://www.whatispublichealthpodcast.com

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