Did you know that 27 millions people are victims of human and sex trafficking in the world? In the US, at least 100,000 of women are being trafficked every year.  

In this epsiode you will get a glimpse how perversive the world of human and sex trafficking and domestic violence in the US and globally.  The House of Overcome, founded by Vericia Miller, is a safe space for women victim of human and sex trafficking and domestic violence. Right now, while we are staying all at home to be safe from the coronavirus, there are many women who find that their home is NOT the safest place for them. They are locked down with their abuser and have no place to escape to. 

If you are a victim or know someone who is a victim of domestic violence and human/sex trafficking, please listen on to what Vericia has to say and how she and many organizations can help empower you to raise above your current situation. We are all stronger together. So, let’s empower each other, stay tune and listen on. 

Vericia Miller is the Founder and Executive Director of House of Overcome, NFP (HOOC). Which is a nonprofit organization providing free supportive services to victims/survivors of sex trafficking and domestic violence. After serving in the field of human services for over 15 years, Vericia decided to start her own organization. Vericia is a Social Worker by profession. She has worked with various at-risk populations, including homeless youth and adults, substance abuse users, transitional aged youth, victims of domestic violence and sex-trafficking, and probationers/parolees of the California Department of Corrections.

Vericia received her bachelors degree in social work from Grambling State University in Northern, LA and a masters degree in criminal justice from Boston University. Outside of her academic and professional experience, she is somewhat of an ambivert and enjoys reading, learning, Neflix, taking long drives and spending time with her mother, friends, and wiener dog, Wendall.

Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence and Human and Sex Trafficking

Connect with Vericia Miller by email: vrmiller36@gmail.com

Website: https://www.facebook.com/houseofovercome/

Book available on Amazon: Inner Wealth Empowerment Course by Odessa Cegers (a survivor who speaks on domestic violence, trauma informed awareness, homelessness and personal empowerment.

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