– Have you just been furloughed or lay-off and need to find a new job FAST? 

– Has the ‘extra time’ away from work given you time to reset your career goals, and now what’s next? 

– Are you interested in starting your own business? 

In this episode, you will learn very effective tips on getting job in the times of uncertainty, how to reinvent yourself, and how to make you stand out as a candidate on the resume and at the job interview from Abby Kohut.  Be sure to check out her free resources on the job search at www.AbsolutelyAbby.com. 

Abby will cover these five topics: 

– Three things that makes a candidate stand out

– Best strategy to do a ‘job search’ where many places are closed and the financial health of these organizations is uncertain.

– Once you got the job, learn how to negotiate your salary. 

– Using social media for personal branding for a job

– How to start up your own business

– Reset your career goals during this time of uncertainty.

Abby Kohut is a recruiter and who is known in the job search world as Absolutely Abby because she tells the Absolute truth about the job search process. In the past 25 years, Abby has held corporate recruiting positions in a variety of industries and is responsible for helping 10,000 people get hired. Her website AbsolutelyAbby.com, which was selected as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Your Career” by Forbes, teaches candidates secrets the Absolute truth about the job search process that other recruiters won’t tell you. AbsolutelyAbby.comwas also mentioned on CNBC as one of three top websites for career changers. Recently CNBC published an article naming Abby as a Top Career Coach and Recruiter. Abby is one of the “Top 100 Influential People Online” according to Fast Company Magazine and is known as “Ask Abby” on LinkedIn. Since 2012, Abby has been on a mission to help one million job seekers and she drove around the US in an RV in order to accomplish that goal. Her job search adventures were covered by several nationwide TV and radio networks including: Fox 5, Sirius XM, NBC, CBS, ABC, Bloomberg Radio, LinkedIn, Monster, and The Ladders.

This is the “What is Public Health Podcast” with your host Dr. Kee Chan. Public Health is the invisible force that keeps you healthy everyday, and I bet you didn’t even know it. This podcast is your source of the latest trend in public health, is a place to refresh your skill set and get quick tips on professional development so you can do your best work in serving the public. Discover the many, different, and exciting careers in public health. Connect with stories from people impacted by public health. 

To learn more about public health, connect with me at www.whatispublichealthpodcast.com

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