Are you struggling to put food on the table (during this coronavirus pandemic)? 

Do you need resources for your family because you are recently unemployed? 

Are you tired of being isolated and need an outlet to contribute back to your community (without leaving your home)? 

Then, listen to this episode, Benjamin Holt who is the Director of Philanthropy at the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center (SSNC), will share how his non-profit organization is pivoting its services (such as food pantry) and programming for children, adults and elderly during this coronavirus pandemic.  The SSNC serves the residents of Northwest Milwaukee, offering services for every age and stage of life.

With an emphasis on education, employment, youth, and health & wellness, the SSNC helps over 8,000 individuals annually.If you’re in need of food, check out their hours for their food pantry and other resources for you and your families to survive and thrive through this coronavirus pandemic.

Learn more about Silver Spring Neighborhood Center (SSNC) at

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