How do you maintain your peace in midst of chaos?

“I direct my energy using my internal compass to direct my wellness map, my wellness plan” – Dr. Kee Chan. 

In this episode, Dr. Kee Chan, the host of the podcast “What is Public Health?” will cover the seven dimensions of the wellness and how you can design your life your way.  Dr. Chan is the author of the “The Wellness Plan”, which is the available on Amazon.  

Let’s discover your DNA blueprint and your internal compass to guide you through the seven dimensions of wellness: 

1. Physical

2. Emotional

3. Intellectual

4. Spiritual

5. Social

6. Occupational

7. Environmental

Wanna learn how to create your wellness plan and stick with it? 

1) You can get my book titled “The Wellness Plan” The DNA Guide to Healthy Living by Dr. Kee Chan on Amazon

2) sign up on my website to get a free wellness planner – it is not the book, but give you an introductory planner to get you started on your way at my

3) if you want to really do deep dive, I’ll be releasing an online course called ‘The Wellness Plan’ which go over the art and science of wellness at

Join the Podfest Global Virtual Summit from August 10-15, 2020! Learn from over 300+ sessions on starting, launching, marketing, and maintaining your podcast from your podcasters! My two talks are scheduled on August 15th at 10am and 12pm (CST). My first talk is “Four things you need to consider before you launch your podcast”. Get tips on developing your ‘personal and social’ why, how to create a business plan (even if it’s just one-pager), conduct a SWOT analysis which stands for strengths  weakness opportunities and threats, and a launch and interview schedule   My second talk is about “making your podcast relatable, educational and teachable”.  I will highlight my top 3 most downloadable episode and what makes them most shareable.  The link to the event is my show notes. I hope you meet you virtually at the podcast expo. 

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