– Are you putting a bandage to your illness, fatigue and physical exhaustion? 
– Do you rather know the root cause of your illness so you can live a life with ease without “dis-ease”? 
– Perhaps it is the time to explore lifestyle medicine, integrative medicine, and functional medicine, a whole-person approach to health and wellness . 

In this episode, you’ll learn what defines functional medicine and lifestyle from Dr. Mullen.  
She will share health topics on addressing: 
1. gut health 
2. hormone imbalance 
3. adrenal fatigue 
4. fertility 
5. men’s health.  

Are you ready to explore a different way to look at your own health? 

Stay tune and listen on.  Dr. Tiffany Mullen is the CEO and Co-founder of Vytal Health, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based telemedicine startup company. Years after feeling frustrated by the health-care system, both as a patient and as a physician, Dr. Mullen left corporate health care behind to cofound Vytal Health. Vytal Health is a membership-based telemedicine company focused on solving health problems that have been overlooked or under-treated by traditional health care. Prior to launching Vytal Health, Dr. Mullen led Aurora Health Care’s Department of Integrative Medicine as a its Medical Director, growing it to the largest department in the country.  Dr. Mullen is dually board-certified in Family and Integrative Medicine.  She completed her Family Medicine residency at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona and her Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.  

Learn more about the whole-person approach to health at https://vytalhealth.com. 

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