Does climate change really exist?

What are the truths and misconceptions about climate change? 

Are you the only one worrying about climate change? 

In this episode, you’ll learn the different causes of climate change and how climate extreme, such as too hot or too cold, can impact your health and what you can do about it? We also dive into the policy-making process in addressing climate change and how you can be part of this new change in creating a better environmental friendly place for yourself and your family and loved ones.  Listen on.

Dr. Edward Maibach is a George Mason University Distinguished University Professor and director of Mason’s Center for Climate Change Communication. His work focuses on developing and applying social science insight to help society make informed decisions that will stabilize earth’s life-sustaining climate and prevent further harm from climate change. He earned his doctoral degree in communication science at Stanford University, his Masters in Public Health degree at San Diego State University, and his BA in psychology at University of California, San Diego.

Dr. Maibach will cover:

What causes climate change?
What are the major health impacts of climate extremes?
What are the potential impacts of climate change on the pandemic? (i.e. any thoughts on coronavirus pandemic)
What are the major challenges for scientists studying climate change and health linkages?
How does the US develop policy responses to climate change?
What can be done to protect populations from climate impacts?

Be a change agent for climate change by joining the Global Climate and Health Alliance at

Learn more about Dr. Edward Maibach at

Learn more about climate change communication strategies at

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