– Why did people buy up all the toilet papers at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic? then the hand sanitizers, and then face masks?  

– How does chaos impact our sound decision-making?  

– Can we learn to make better decisions with money when we panic? 

To understand how our behavior influence what we do with our wallet, in this episode, you’ll learn why we buy what we buy, when we buy it and how we buy it. Remember at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, where all the toilet paper were one of the first commodity to be all bought up by the Masses? How does panic impact our decision-making and what we do with our wallet? You’ll learn easy to apply theory and concept based on behavioral economics and how these concepts can be applied to your personal and professional life. You can learn to pivot your business so it will survive and thrive during these uncertain times. If you’re ready to be a smarter and savvy consumer in midst of any chaos, then stay tune and listen on. 

Our podcast guest speaker is Pei-Ying Chua who has a background in data science, economics, and neuroscience. Her experiences range across behavioral insights, data analytics for policy-making, and economic analysis. In particular, she is well-versed in communicating and working with stakeholders from multiple different domains. In her spare time, she enjoys writing about obscure concepts in more relatable ways. She holds combined BSc in Vision Science and Neuroscience from the University of Melbourne, an MPhil in Neuroscience from Cambridge, and an MA in Management from Harvard. She writes a newsletter for Linkedin and is the author of the book called “One-Minute Theorems” .

Connect with her on LinkedIn and subscribe to her LinkedIn Newsletter at Pei Ying Chua

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