Lessons Learned from Public Health Practice with Richard Sewell

You will learn the roles of local, state and governmental department in public health. We will specifically discuss the roles of infectious disease management, especially in handling the coronavirus outbreak, and what you can do to prevent infections. 

Richard Sewell has a long history of involvement in health and human services policy formulation, management, and community affairs in the Chicago area.  He was Executive Director of the health systems agency for Suburban Cook County and DuPage County, Deputy Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health and Executive Director of the Chicago Health Policy Council at the University of Chicago, and former Associate Dean of Public Health Practice at the University of Illinois Chicago.  Richard will share his lessons learned in management and leadership working in public health practice.  

Contact with Richard Sewell at richiehuston@gmail.com

Questions we explored in the interview:

What is the role of public health department in containing the spread of the coronavirus?

  1. What can the general public do to help in addressing infectious disease management?
  2. What are different careers path in Public Health?
  3. What is the difference between public health “research” and public health “practice” ?
  4. What do you know now that you didn’t know then?  
  5. What is the gap in our public health training?
  6. What are the three top public health issues are we still dealing with?
  7. What are the upstream factors that impacts violence and downstream factors impacted by violence?
  8. What is golden nugget of advice to public health professionals?
  9. What is Richard Sewell’s up to now?

Pre-order the Textbook “Advanced Management and Leadership in Population Health” Richard Sewell and Kee Chan (Publisher Jones and Bartlett Learning Publication date Fall 2020) 

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The 20 Emerging Careers in Public Health in 2020 – Kee Chan, PhD, MBA

Are you ready to explore a career that impact the lives of community? Do you want to improve population health and public health? 

Based on her research and discussions with colleagues in the field of public health,  Dr. Kee Chan will highlight the top 20 emerging careers in public health.  Dr. Chan will share a brief job description, the education/work experience requirements, and salary range for each job listed below: 

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1. Health And Wellness Manager

2. Public Health Engineer

3. Biostatistician

4  Public Health Nurse

5. Epidemiologist

6. Emergency Preparedness Specialist

7. Health Promotion Program Coordinator

8. Nutritionist/Dietician

9. Health Center Administrator

10. Management Policy Advisor

11. Health Communications Specialist

12. Community Health Worker

13. Public Health Attorney

14. Policy Advisor

15. Public Health Journalist

16. Public Health Veterinarian

17. Public Health Physician

18. Outcomes Researcher

19. Mental Health Researcher

20. Professor Of Public Health

Introduction to What is Public Health Podcast

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