Higher Ed Leadership on Coping with the Coronavirus with College President Michael Torrence (Coronavirus COVID19 Series)

Can Colleges Survive after the Coronavirus Pandemic? 

Providing education is a critical arm in the public health system so society can move forward in the discovery, the development and the application of knowledge for the greater goods. If you are currently listening to the episode, it is late March 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic has changed our way of life as a global society. Restaurants, libraries, many businesses, many public gathering, and almost all schools in affected cities have closed nationwide and globally. The closure of schools has tremendous impact on our students, families, and communities. We are still trying to understand the unintended consequences of the current school closure policy on the future of our global societies.

In this episode, Dr. Michael Torrence, the current President of Motlow State Community College in Tennessee,  will share his insights on how Higher Education institutional leaders have responded to the coronavirus pandemic. At his college, using online educational technology is a form of innovative teaching and learning. Here, Dr. Torrence will provide advice for other educational leader  to quickly adapt to the innovative disruption in traditional on-site educational platform and how he supported his faculty, staff and students through this time of uncertainty.

We will cover the following topics:
1. How the role of the College President of the Motlow State Community College in Tennessee has shifted since the coronavirus pandemic?

2. How the administrative staff support students and faculty through this historic moment?

3. Tips for ‘brick-and-mortar’ colleges for teaching an online curriculum. 

4. Challenges, good news and unexpected positive along the way.  

5. What leadership advice can you share with other administrators in education to appease the fears among the staff, faculty and student body Although most higher education institutions provide some type of online education because most college students have laptops and access to internet, but how the coronavirus pandemic will impact K-12 education. 

6. How will the coronavirus pandemic impact college admission for Fall 2020 Leadership advice for leaders leading their organizations through this “new reality”?

7. Words of encouragement to students everywhere

Connect with Dr. Michael Torrence on Linkedin.  

Learn more about Dr. Torrence on his College Website: https://www.mscc.edu/administration.aspx

Learn to more about Motlow State Community College, visit https://www.mscc.edu

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