What is Involved in a Planned Home Birth with a Midwife? with Katie Krebs, MPH

If you’re pregnant and you want to personalize the birth of your child by having a home delivery then in this epsdioe, Katie Krebs, who is the Executive Director of Birthwise Midwifery School in Maine, will discuss the roles of midwives and doulas and how they use a holistic approach to prenatal care, during pregnancy, and post-pregnancy. She will also speak about the education and training in becoming a midwife.  During this time of coronavirus pandemic, there is a lot of uncertainty about the transmission of the coronavirus to the infant during delivery at the hospital and in some cases, the partner or family member may not be permitted to inside the delivery room for safety precaution measure to limit the baby from potential exposure to coronavirus. However, a home birth delivery could be a possible alternative for you and your family to capture this miracle of life moment.