Are you ready to explore a career that impact the lives of community? Do you want to improve population health and public health? 

Based on her research and discussions with colleagues in the field of public health,  Dr. Kee Chan will highlight the top 20 emerging careers in public health.  Dr. Chan will share a brief job description, the education/work experience requirements, and salary range for each job listed below: 

Contact with Dr. Kee Chan via email at or leave a voice message on podcast website.  

1. Health And Wellness Manager

2. Public Health Engineer

3. Biostatistician

4  Public Health Nurse

5. Epidemiologist

6. Emergency Preparedness Specialist

7. Health Promotion Program Coordinator

8. Nutritionist/Dietician

9. Health Center Administrator

10. Management Policy Advisor

11. Health Communications Specialist

12. Community Health Worker

13. Public Health Attorney

14. Policy Advisor

15. Public Health Journalist

16. Public Health Veterinarian

17. Public Health Physician

18. Outcomes Researcher

19. Mental Health Researcher

20. Professor Of Public Health

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