Health Vector APP – Get your medical records, track your habits, and assess your pain management all in one place.  Let’s Health Vector be your ‘guide’ to your best health on your own personal map! 

In this epsiode, Dan Mirica, the CEO of the Health Vector App, will discuss this company Health app called the Health Vector which is an application to help you better plan your doctors visits, track your health status and adhere to new healthy habits. You can download all your medical records from different healthcare system into the palm of your hand in this App. This makes it easy for you to have medical and health information readily available anywhere and anytime to anyone. If you are traveling outside of the country, and you end up in urgent care, you will have your medical information right when you need it the most.

Dan Mirica has an extensive business and technology experience from hi-tech and life sciences industries. Dan has been part of two successful hi-tech start-ups in Europe and US. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Engineering from University of Miami, FL and has completed three executive management programs in Leadership & Management and in Technology, Operations and Value Chain Management at MIT Sloan and Delivering Information Services at Harvard Business School. Dan is passionate about improving diagnostic variability through patient activation and by strengthening the doctor-patient partnership.

Download the Health Vector App on App Store or Google Play


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