Would we send our troops into war without guns, shields and protective gears? No. Then, why is it “okay” to send our healthcare workers into the battlefield against the coronavirus without proper personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves? 

This episode is a honest conversation with a health worker who is very concerned for her safety and her family.  Many healthcare workers are thinking about quitting their jobs because they signed up to ‘care for patients’, not at the expense of their own lives.  Should they sacrifice their  own life for another? 

We will cover the following questions with our healthcare worker: How has healthcare work changed since the coronavirus pandemic? What do we know now about the virus?  How concerned should we be about running out of mask, gloves, and other hospital equipments? What is the current testing situation? If someone is feeling that they have “some” symptoms and are concerned, but there’s not enough tests, what can they do then?  How would you rate the US public health emergency response preparedness to the coronavirus pandemic?  What tips can we do to work through the “new normal” ?

Learn more about public health, visit Dr. Kee Chan at www.keechanphd.com

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