Have you given your child ‘the Talk’ lately? 

You’re probably thinking that the “The Talk” is about the ‘birds and the bees’, preparing your daughter for womanhood or your son for manhood. But in this episode, you will learn that there is a different type of “Talk”, where communities of color are telling their children. It is when a Black Father tells his Black Son how to behave, live, and react in order to ‘survive and thrive’ in the world we live in today.  Dr. Kelly has been performing “The Talk” for several years where he acts out 20 + characters highlighting the historical moments in the lives of Black men who were lynched, tortured, and murdered because of the color of their skins. Dr. Kelly’s play is not just a recap of history, but it is an opportunity to engage the audience, you, to do some self-inquiry about history and your own role in making history today. There is no shame or guilt here.  Instead, Dr. Kelly doesn’t call you out, but “calls you in” to be a part this new hope for our future generation because we are in this together.

Dr. Sonny Kelly is a world class performer, story teller, motivator, speaker, and comedian. He holds a PhD in Communication & Performance Studies from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, a Master’s degree in Communication Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Stanford University in California. After serving our nation as a U.S. Air Force officer, Sonny has gone on to serve as non-profit organization director, university admissions counselor, a pharmaceutical salesman, college communications instructor, and a church youth pastor. As a lover of theater and performance, Sonny has acted professionally on stage and television for over 20 years. He wrote, directed and acted in the play titled “The Talk”. Dr. Kelly has made the recording of “The Talk” available for public viewing online right now until July 10, 2020. The link to the play is in the show note. 

Topics discussed in the interview: 

1. What is the “The Talk” about? 

2. Is the “The Talk” the same to females of color?

3. What is the non-traditional student journey from being an US Air Force Officer to becoming a performer and now a PhD Scholar? 

4. What is the ‘truth’ that we must face up to?

5. Racism is a public health issue. What is the school to prison pipeline? Is there a political will to address this?

6. What are three ways we can heal as a nation during this time of uncertainty, coronavirus pandemic, economic downfall and social injustice?  

Learn more about Dr. Sonny Kelly at Sonny Kelly:

*The recording of the “The Talk” is available for public viewing until July 10, 2020 


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